100% Natural Argan oil

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50ml 100% Natural Argan oil. Our Argan oil is that natural and organic that can even be eatable.

We have tried many different types of Argan oil from different sources until we found the right one that has all properties of pure Argan oil. We saw many sellers around the internet who sells very cheap Argan oil but doesn't have any drop of Argan oil in that bottle. We received some mixture of oil which was smelling like manure and we were baffled to see what some people can sell and take hard earned money of people who buy that crap in hope to enjoy benefits of Argan oil, but they never realized probably that they were paying for some mixture of sunflower oil. 

Dear friends, Argan oil, it has a dark gold color, nutty smell, not too strong, but not too soft. After applied on the skin, it gets sucked by your skin, it doesn't get clogged like other oils do. 

We gladly encourage you to leave a comment after using our Argan oil, so other people know the real benefits of genuine Argan oil. 

How to use Argan oil?

You can use it in body scrubs, to massage your body, to add on your hair for a shiny and softer hair, you can add 2-3 drops in your shower gel, or you can even use it in your salads.

Please follow our store for future updates, when we will start to sell Argan oil in bigger bottles like 100-200 ml.

To save money on postage, we encourage you to buy more than one bottles of Argan oil at once. 

We ship our products with Royal Mail second class sign for to avoid any loss of items and to protect you as a customer and us as a small business.



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Organic Argan Oil from certified source - Buy Argan oil from Juliete.net


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