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How Juliete Handmade creations has born

How Juliete Handmade creations have born.

Juliete story:

Juliete brand has started mainly from a strong desire of a thirsty girl to raise money to study IT Development but also from passion to beautiful creations, like organic soap bars, scented candles, /spray& oil perfumes, body scrubs and house decorations.

Our mission is to promote organic body care products and avoid nasty chemicals that harm our body every time we use them. Our message is simple: is an ancient word saying '' what you can’t put in your mouth(or eat it), do not put it on your skin''. These days is very hard to find some good body care products and quality decorations that stand out from average items that you find them in regular shopping centers.  We know there are many people looking for something special, something fresh and here we are, to offer something new, carefully designed to express a vibrant emotion when is offered as a gift or when our customers will unwrap their boxes. We want to do our best to leave an unforgettable memory to our customers through our journey.

Whatever money we raise through Juliete handmade creation shop will be used for study savings and to constantly improve our products.

More news about our project will be updated periodically.

Happy shopping to everyone :)

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